SYSA Spring Soccer Training/Intra-Team Scrimmages

Spring Soccer Training 2021

We are EXCITED to provide Soccer Training this Spring. Birth years 2015-2007 players will train twice a week & intra-team scrimmages are allowed. We are hopeful these training sessions will provide physical activity, bring kids together to interact and make friends, create a routine, learn new skills, and to have FUN! SYSA training sessions available in your neighborhood.

Our mission is to provide sport activities for all youth where everyone plays, develops skills, is taught good sportsmanship, and learns the value of being a team player.

On March 19, Spokane and the East Region moved to Phase 3. As there is an unpredictability in the Phases and Spokane could return to Phase 1 if the metrics dictate, at the time registration opened SYSA Spring Season 1 sports will offer spring training. Teams can intra-scrimmage and/or Coaches may set up scrimmages with other teams.

LINK to latest State Guidelines, Healthy Washington – Roadmap to Recovery.

Within Phase 3,

  • Moderate contact outdoor sports athletes allowed to remove facial coverings for competitions. Facial coverings must be worn by athletes when training or when not actively competing in a game or match against another team or when on the bench waiting to play. Coaches, trainers, and officials must wear face coverings at all times.

Washington Youth Soccer Association return to play guidelines
Sporting Activities Guidelines Covid 19 Updated May 19, 2021
SYSA Return to Play Guidelines Updated May 19, 2021

Registration closed 

Season Training Dates:

April 12 – May 15  (5 weeks)


Register on or before March 18th for priority placement. Coach request and player requests may not be available after the deadline.

Divisions & Fees

$85 4v4 – 2015, 2014
$85  5v5 – 2013
$85  7v7 – 2012, 2011
$85  9v9 – 2010-2009 & 2008-2007 & High School Co-ed

8th graders with an Aug-Dec 2006 birth year may register and play in the 2008-2007 league. 

Training Details

Train 2 times a week – begins week of April 12th
Inter-team Scrimmages allowed. Scrimmages allowed.

Training Location/Time

The Volunteer Coach picks the practice days, time and location upon completion of Coaching Registrations (4).
Training days could be scheduled Monday – Saturday


Jerseys will not be provided for this program because there are no competitions.

Player provides

Athletic gear appropriate for the weather to include; Shirt, Shorts, Socks, Shin guards (required), athletic shoes or cleats. Players will need their own soccer ball (2015-2013 size 3; 2012-2009 size 4; 2008-2007, HS Coed size 5), labeled water bottle, labeled hand sanitizer, and a mask to be worn at all times

Coaches Meeting –

Due to Covid 19 unable to meet
Coaches Packet and/or Power Point will be emailed out on or before 5th

Team Page on Team Connect

Log into your Blue Sombrero/Team Connect account and go to your players Team Page to access the roster, email the roster and more.

Parent Directions to Access Team Connect page
Coach Directions to Access Team Connect page


  • Volunteer Coach is needed before a team starts – All SYSA coaches are volunteers.
  • Volunteer Head Coaches receive 50% off their player’s registration. LINK for registration procedure
  • Coaches contact registered players after Coach receives roster, please be patient waiting for this contact.
  • Online Registrations are confirmed by email; if information is omitted notify SYSA via reply email.
  • Once assigned to a team, coach picks practice field, days and time. (Click for Field Locations).

COACH REGISTRATION – In addition to the SYSA Coach Online registration link below – there are 4 additional required steps.

PRINT Directions. There are 4 compliance items required by state or federal law. Please finish the 3 certificates right away!
LINK to Concussion Course certificate. Sign In/Register, Coach – Concussion. Complete. Download certificate.
LINK to Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course certificate. Sign in/Register, Coach – Sudden Cardiac. Complete. Download certificate.
LINK to Safesport Video certificate. Sign in/Register, US Soccer.
LINK WYS Risk Management Application

ALERT- for better communications please add the following: support@stacksports.com, clubnews@bluesombrero.com and receptionist@sysa.com as contacts in your phone/email.  There have been several issues with coaches and parents not receiving team information due to emails going to spam, junk and trash.