About SYSA

Mission Statement

The mission of Spokane Youth Sports Association is to provide sports activities for all youth where everyone plays, develops skills, is taught good sportsmanship, and learns the value of being a team player.

Our History

SYSA has been contributing to youth sports in the Greater Spokane region for the last 57 years.  Most families in the Spokane area have been involved with SYSA as players, coaches, or spectators since it began as a junior football organization in 1965.  Since then we have grown to over 9,000 participants from the ages of 4 to 18 who participate in a variety of sports programs and camps, including basketball, soccer, football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, volleyball, track & field, cross-country, and dodgeball. In the last few years, we have also added clinics for our coaches and a young adult’s sports program.  We currently provide year-round, affordable, safe, and fun opportunities for our young people to play a sport, learn good sportsmanship, develop leadership skills, instill a healthy lifestyle and participate as a team member. In addition, we organize over 1,000 adult volunteers on a yearly basis as coaches, committee and board members, and community helpers.

Our ‘Where Every Kid’s a Star’ Philosophy

Here at SYSA, we believe that every child, no matter their skill level should have the opportunity to be a part of SYSA’s programs, so we stress that each and every one of the young athletes gets the opportunity to play at least half the game.  For most competitive club organizations and school teams, especially as the athletes move into middle and high school, the emphasis is on winning which motivates the coaches to put in the best players throughout the games.  Oftentimes, that leaves many very enthusiastic and willing players on the bench for most or all of the games.  With SYSA, everyone has the chance to play, no matter his or her skill level, and that creates a lifelong positive memory for many of our participants.