Soccer Schedules

SYSA Spring outdoor schedules

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Schedules will be posted on August 30, 2019.

Leagues with uneven teams may have double headers to ensure every team plays a game.


High School Coed League

2006-2007 Boys 9v9

2006-2007 Girls 9v9

2008-2009 Boys 9v9

2008-2009 Girls 9v9

2010 Boys 7v7

2010 Girls 7v7

2011 Boys Mead/NE 7v7

2011 Boys NW/South 7v7

2011 GirlsĀ  7v7

2012 Boys Mead/NE 5v5

2012 Boys Northwest 5v5

2012 Boys South/NW 5v5

2012 Girls Mead 5v5

2012 Girls North/South 5v5

2012 Girls South 5v5

2013 Boys Mead/North 4v4

2013 Boys NW/South 4v4

2013 Girls Mead/NW 4v4

2013 Girls NE/South 4v4

2014 Boys Mead/North 4v4

2014 Boys South 4v4

2014 Girls Mead/North 4v4

2014 Girls South 4v4