Fall Football Training

Fall Football Training 2020

For Fall in 2020, SYSA is offering Football Trainings for Grades 1-6. These football training sessions will focus on developing the necessary skills to play the game of football while emphasizing fun, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Training sessions will practice proper social distancing and safety guidelines and protocols.  Participants will be placed in groups of five of similar age. A volunteer coach is needed for each group of five.

Volunteer Coaches are usually parents who enjoy the game of football and want the kids to play. Head coaches will receive 50% off their child’s registration fees.  Coaches will pick their practice time and location from our list of available options. One volunteer coach is needed per group of five.

Registration Closed

Season Dates

September 14th – October 24th

Registration Deadline

September 3rd 


Grades 1-2  $60 (One Session per Week)
Grades 3-6  $80 (Two Sessions per Week)


Grades 1-2 (One Session per Week for Six Weeks)
Grades 3-4 (Two Sessions per Week for Six Weeks)
Grades 5-6 (Two Sessions per Week for Six Weeks)


Coaches will contact their players and notify you as to when training will be

Player Provides

Football, water bottle, hand sanitizer, Cleats, etc.

Coaches’ Meeting

None: Coaches will be sent a PowerPoint with information prior to September 14th

Volunteer Coach:

  • Volunteer Coach is needed before a team starts – All SYSA coaches are volunteers.
    For more information, contact Glen Reser via email: glen@sysa.com
  • The Volunteer Head Coach will receive 50% off their child’s registration
  • Volunteer Coach background check HERE
  • Coaches contact registered players after Coach Meeting, please be patient waiting for this contact.
  • Online Registrations are confirmed by email; if information is omitted notify SYSA via reply email. 

ALERT- for better communications please add the following: support@stacksports.com, clubnews@bluesombrero.com and receptionist@sysa.com as contacts in your phone/email.  There have been several issues with coaches and parents not receiving team information due to emails going to spam, junk and trash.