SYSA Soccer Rules of the Game

Modified Rules Recreational Soccer

SYSA modifies the FIFA Laws of the Game.

SYSA has modified games which include; smaller fields, fewer players, shortened game time, and a different size of the soccer ball.


Rule Chart at a Glance – All Age Groups Fall 2022/Spring 2023

SYSA 4v4 Outdoor Soccer Rules (U6 2017s and U7 2016s)

SYSA 5v5 Outdoor Soccer Rules (U8 2015s)

SYSA 7v7 Outdoor Soccer Rules (U10 2014s & U9 2013s)

SYSA 9v9 Outdoor Soccer Rules (U12 2011s/2012s)

SYSA 9v9 Outdoor Soccer Rules (U14 2009s & 2010s)

High School Coed Outdoor Soccer Rules (Grades 9-12)


FIFA Laws of the Game 2022-2023

2022-2023 changes of significance: on a penalty kick the goalkeeper has to have their feet on or “behind” the goal line at the taking of the kick.

Futsal Laws of the Game

SYSA Modified Futsal Rules 2022