SYSA Soccer Rules of the Game

Modified Rules Recreational Soccer

SYSA modifies the FIFA Laws of the Game.

SYSA has modified games which include; smaller fields, fewer players, shortened game time, and a different size of the soccer ball.


Rule Chart at a Glance – All Age Groups Fall 2023/Spring 2024

SYSA 4v4 Outdoor Soccer Rules (U6 2018s and U7 2017s)

SYSA 5v5 Outdoor Soccer Rules (U8 2016s)

SYSA 7v7 Outdoor Soccer Rules (U10 2015s & U9 2014s)

SYSA 9v9 Outdoor Soccer Rules (U12 2013s/2012s)

SYSA 9v9 Outdoor Soccer Rules (U14 2011s & 2010s)

High School Coed Outdoor Soccer Rules (Grades 9-12)


Laws of the Game 2023-2024

2023-2024 changes of significance: