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Become a Referee 
Official FIFA Rules
FREE Online clinic portion of the Referee Course (Read FIFA rules and take the clinic)

IESRA’s policy to address Irresponsible Behavior at Soccer matches

Washington Youth Soccer Medical Release Form

Certificate of Participation (printable)

First Time Coaches
SAMPLE introduction letter (editable)
Game Day Management  “Did you have fun? Thank you for playing today.  See you at practice.”
US Youth Soccer Director of Coaching – Documents
US Youth Soccer training videos
US Youth Soccer Player Development Initiatives

Incident Report Accident, Incident or Injury Report

Washington Youth Soccer         SYSA is a member association of the WYS

Respect Campaign Initiative to improve the playing environment of youth players
Risk Management and Safety create the safest possible environment for the players
WYS Code of Conduct  copy of the WYS Coach Code of Conduct
KidSafe Program provides each player a culture of safety
Guidelines to Moveable Soccer Goal Safety secure goals and never allow players to climb on the goals
Handling Bloodborne Pathogens take precautions to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases
Lightning Safety Tips 30-30 rule
Identity Theft safely shreds personal player information
WYS Risk Management Application directions to complete Concussion, Sudden Cardiac, Safesport certificate and apply for RMA

SafeSport Information to understand misconduct and how to report it
Concussion & Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Recognize signs and symptoms

Age Appropriate Practice Sessions

Team Icebreakers

US Youth Soccer Lesson Plans

Finishing and Striking Drills and Games 

FUNino – Developing 7 to 9-year-old through playing the game

SAY Soccer – found this organization’s lesson plans. 16 practices by age group with pictures!

WYS practices ideas with video (Click on the upper right corner to open up the playlist!)

U6 & U7 Sessions (2017s and 2016s)
4v4/5v5 Curriculum
U6/7 Sessions
U6 US Youth Soccer practices
U6 U7 Dribbling practice
U6 U7 Passign practice

U6 Grassroots Lesson Plans

U8 Sessions (2015s)
 4v4/5v5 Curriculum
U8 Sessions
U8 US Youth Soccer practices

8U Lesson Plans (pictures/drills)

U10 Sessions (2014s and 2013s)
7v7 Curriculum part 1
7v7 Curriculum part 2
7v7 Curriculum part 3
7v7 Curriculum part 4
U10 Sessions

U10 Attacking and Defending Sessions

U10 US Youth Soccer practices

U12 Sessions (2012-20111s)
U12 Sessions
U12 US Youth Soccer practices

U12 Attacking and Defending Sessions

U14 Sessions (2010-2009s)
U14 Session2

Building up and Scoring Goals

CLICK ON THE TOPIC TO OPEN UP LINK – focused on individual training

US Youth Soccer COVID lesson plans (Most “Covid” lesson plans are great for individual training ideas)
Dribbling Lessons
Turning Lessons
Passing Lessons
Long Passing Lessons
Receiving Lessons
Shooting/Finishing Lessons
U6 Practice 1
U6 Practice 2
U6 Practice 3
U6 Practice 4
U8 Practice 1
U8 Practice 2
U8 Practice 3
U8 Practice 4
U10 Running with the ball turning
U10 Dribbling to beat an opponent
U10 Passing Receiving
U10 Pass Receiving 2
U10 Shooting
U12 Running Turning
U12 Dribbling to beat an opponent
U12 Defending
U12 Passing receiving
U12 Passing receiving 2
U12 Shooting
U14 Running Turning
U14 Dribbling to beat an opponent
U14 Defending
U14 Passing Receiving
U14 Shooting