SYSA Staff

Philip J. Helean

Executive Director (509) 328-7972 ext. 101

Phil is the leader of the SYSA pack.

He keeps us true to our mission with his contagious kindness and helpfulness.
Phil leads by example.

Glen Reser

Sports Coordinator (509) 328-7972 ext. 106

Glen is the fun guy of the office

He is the man with a plan. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Track or Rugby, he sure does all things besides Soccer. Not only does he know his sports, but he is kind and compassionate about his cohorts.

Deb Brock

Soccer Coordinator (509) 328-7972 ext. 103

Deb is the “Rule” abiding front line for our soccer programs.

She is the “know-it-all” in regards to the game of soccer…really, she does know the inner workings of soccer. We dare you to try and stump her!

Renee Solt

Office Manager (509) 328-7972 ext. 112

Renee is SYSA’s office boss lady.

She handles all things with poise and style. She’s fun and gets the job done!

Tami Newcomb

Bookkeeper (509) 328-7972 ext. 102

Tami is our full charge bookkeeper.

She keeps us in business. Additionally, she handles payroll and is therefore our favorite.

Ashley Bower

Receptionist (509) 328-7972

Ashley is the interceptionist of  SYSA. 

Did you know Ashley has the most interceptions in our office? That’s right folks! She intercepts those calls like nobody’s business! Not only that she has made returns for a touchdown!

Christena Evans

Bingo Hall Assistant Supervisor

Christena is the co-runner for all SYSA Bingo. 

Although it’s tough she knows her stuff. Not sure how many miles she compiles, but it’s with style.

Dave Newcomb

Maintenance Manager

Dave is the Maintenance guy for SYSA. 

If you need it, he’s on it. Hard working and reliable he is the guy that’s pliable and that’s…undeniable.

Brett Davis

Utility Specialist

Brett is the go to for just about everything SYSA. 

Maintenance and refereeing to storage runs and staffing, he is the utility guy on the fly. That’s right he does it all and has a ball.