Basketball Rules

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SYSA Recreational Basketball is designed for those who want to play basketball and are not playing for their school team. Our primary goal is for everyone to have fun, but to do that, there are rules that must be followed.

SYSA 2019 HS Basketball Rules


  1. The game will consist of two 20-minute halves. If tied at the end of regulation time there will be 2 minutes of overtime. If a second overtime is necessary, the team to score first will win. The clock will run continuously, even on foul shots. The clock will stop on time outs and on every whistle during the last minute of each half and overtime.
  1. To start the game, each team must provide one scorekeeper. Scorekeepers will keep the official book and run the scoreboard. Failure to provide a scorekeeper will result in a technical foul to start the game. If a scorekeeper is not provided within five minutes of the schedule start time, that team will forfeit.
  2. Only players and coaches are allowed on the bench. If teams have more than one coach, only one coach may stand during the game. Officials have complete control of removing non participants from team benches. Only two coaches allowed on bench.
  3. Games will be played at The Warehouse (800 N Hamilton) on Saturday Nights.
  4. The team captains are the only players that the officials will deal with during the course of the game. SYSA staff will NOT tolerate inappropriate behavior towards officials, SYSA staff and/or other individuals at the game. SYSA has the right to suspend or expel (without refund) anyone whose behavior is not conducive to the SYSA Mission Statement including but not limited to players, parents, and fans.
  5. Every player is allowed 5 personal fouls per game before they must sit out the remainder of the game. One and one will be shot on the seventh foul of each half, and two shots on the tenth foul. Technical fouls are an automatic 2 points and the ball. The person charged with the T is ejected from the game.
  6. Taunting or trash talking will not be tolerated. Players caught taunting or trash talking will be given a warning on the first instance. A second instance will result in a technical foul.
  7. Fighting during the game or excessive physical conduct will result in an automatic ejection from the game. Anyone fighting in or around the gym during or after the game will be expelled from the league without refund.
  8. If your team is blowing out another team, it is your responsibility to take measures, such as not pressing, to limit the scoring margin. Teams up 20 or more points are not allowed to press.
  9. Each team is allowed one time-out per half and overtime. There will be no carrying over of time-outs. Calling an illegal time-out will result in a team technical foul.
  10. A team must have 4 players to begin the game. If your team doesn’t have 4 players by 10 minutes after start time the game will be a forfeit. A team may pick up a fourth or fifth player so that the game can still be played. The added players cannot be playing for their school.
  11. Any deception by teams, such as having a player play under an assumed name that is on the roster, will not be allowed. No team may have a player who is playing for their school team. If you are caught doing this the game will be a forfeit. If it happens a second time your team will be removed from the league. All players must show Student ID or Driver’s License upon signing into the scorebook to verify they are on the roster.
  12. Everyone must wear an SYSA issued jersey. If you do not have a jersey, you cannot play.
  13. Practices. We do not assign practices for this league.
  14. Go to for all information on schedules.
  15. There will be a tournament at the end of the season.

If you have any questions contact Glen at 536-1800 ext 106 or by email at