Recreational Soccer Camp

Birth Years



SYSA Indoor Sports Center, 730 North Hamilton, Spokane, Wa


June 18-June 21.  Register by June 14 (or closes when full)
2013-2010s    10:00-11:15 am (maximum 16 participants)
2009-2005s    11:30-1:00 pm (maximum 20 participants)

July 16-July 19.  Register by July 12 (or closes when full)
2013-2010s   1:00-2:15 pm (maximum 16 participants)
2009-2005s   2:30-4:00 pm (maximum 20 participants)

August 20-August 23.  Register by August 16 (or closes when full)
2013-2010s    10:00-11:15 am (maximum 16 participants)
2009-2005s    11:30-1:00 pm (maximum 20 participants)


2013-2010s $65
2009-2005s $75

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Player Provides

Shin guards, shoes, shorts, ball, water

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PLAYERS - If you prefer to not register online you can download and print the registration form and turn it into the SYSA Office.