Using the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency’s website, coaches will determine 1-2 hours before scheduled practice time if practice should be cancelled based on the below criteria:


If the air quality index is in the red (unhealthy for all), outside practices for all SYSA teams will be cancelled.  Indoor practices may be scheduled.  If the air quality is in the orange (unhealthy for medically sensitive groups) outside practices may take place providing any athlete with a medically sensitive condition is identified and held out of practice by the parents.  Coaches should also check child information forms for each player to identify anyone who may have a medically sensitive condition.


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“To provide sports activities for all youth where everyone plays, develops skills, is taught good sportsmanship, and learns the value of being a team player.”

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My favorite part of the job is to go to the game sites and see the smiles on kid’s faces while they are having fun playing sports with their friends!
Philip Helean, SYSA Executive Director
Playing sports gives kids hope. It provides them with the foundation to dream, the drive to be their individual best, and leaves them with inspiration to be something bigger than they think they can be.
Rick Mullins, SYSA Soccer Director
I am a big believer in sports and the life lessons that it can provide.  Teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline, sportsmanship and respect are just a few of these.  But perseverance– learning to keep going whether you fail or succeed– is possibly the best quality of all!
Troy Nealey, SYSA Marketing & Development Director
To see the kids have the opportunity to play, learn, develop, and have fun gives even greater value to the purpose of what we do.
Christina Harris, SYSA Soccer Cordinator

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