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“To provide sports activities for all youth where everyone plays, develops skills, is taught good sportsmanship, and learns the value of being a team player.”

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Spring Additions Rec Soccer

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Spring Rec Soccer HS COED
Grades 9-12 (1998-2002)

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Spring Rookie Soccer 2012’s

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Track & Field

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Spring Break Camp

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Coaches/Captain Registration:

Spring Additions Rec 2011-2003 Soccer Coach Registration

Spring Rec HS COED Grades 9-12 Soccer Coach Registration

Track & Field Coach Registration

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My favorite part of the job is to go to the game sites and see the smiles on kid’s faces while they are having fun playing sports with their friends!
Philip Helean, SYSA Executive Director
To see the kids have the opportunity to play, learn, develop, and have fun gives even greater value to the purpose of what we do.
Christina Harris, SYSA Soccer Cordinator


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