New Website – Please Read

Published On: 07-14-2013

After 7 years the SYSA website has been remodeled.  Below is a brief overview of the updates and new features of the new SYSA website.

* Disclaimer – We worked hard on this update and believe it will help move SYSA in a positive direction. That being said, this website will evolve quite a bit over the next few month and years.  We need your feedback (what you like about the site, but even more important is what you don’t like or what you find confusing).  Please feel free to email me or anyone at the SYSA office with your comments and thoughts.  I cannot stress enough; this feedback is invaluable.  My email is Thank you for your continued support and dedication to youth sports in Spokane. On to the website…

New Navigation

website screenshot 4

The main thing you’ll notice right off the bat is the new navigation system. We’ve restructured the site so that each sport is listed on the main menu and each has it’s own main landing page i.e,  Each sport’s main page has it’s own navigation along the left side.  This sport specific navigation mimics the main navigation’s hierarchy. Please play around with this navigation to familiarize yourself with the new system.



website screenshot 2

We have a recent news section on every sport’s main page.  This is where we will post information such as tournament results, program updates, and other sport-specific announcements.  Posting updates to the website isn’t a terribly new website element, but I bring it up for two reasons. One, this distribution method is new to SYSA, so we want to make sure that everyone knows to check the website for the most up-to-date information. The second reason is to let everyone know that all post will also be pushed to our Facebook page in addition to the website. So please like the SYSA Facebook page if you’d like receive these updates via your Facebook new feed.


An SYSA Calendar

website screenshot 3


We finally have a calendar for all of our programs!  We will make sure to keep this updated with each new program, league, tournament, volunteer opportunity, or other SYSA event.  Each sport’s main page also has a sport specific calendar along the lefthand side of the page just under the side navigation.  We’ve subdivided the calendar into a couple views that we thought would be useful, but please play with the ‘views’, ‘categories’, and ‘tags’ to familiarize yourself with this part of the site.


Weather Alerts and Upcoming Registrations

website screenshot 6


There are two things on this image I would like to address. First, the weather cancelation area.  If you are every not sure if your sport will continue – check the website.  We will post any and all game day cancellations to the site.  This notification will appear on the homepage just below the banner image as well as at the top of the affected sport’s main page. This will also be pushed to our Facebook page.

Second, there is the current registration box on the right of the homepage.  Use this area if you’d like to bypass straight to a program that you’d like to register for.



Thank you for your patience as we transition to the new site.  Again, I cannot emphasize enough how much feedback would help us. My email is  I hope you enjoy the new site.