Fall Soccer Coaches Meeting Recap

Published On: 08-26-2013

If you’ve recently registered as a volunteer coach for the Fall U6-U14 Rec Soccer Season but missed the coaches meetings last week, do not fret!  Here’s a recap of what was covered:

  • Uniforms for your team can be picked up from the SYSA Main Office at The Warehouse, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.  The address is 800 N Hamilton St Ste 201, Spokane, WA 99202.
  • Practice Fields can be reserved by emailing Christina Harris at christina@sysa.com.  She manages the practice field reservations.
  • Game schedules will be posted online on 9/1/13.
  • The league rules for each age group can be found here:  https://www.sysa.com/soccer/rules/
  • We have a FREE Coaches Clinic coming up on Thursday, 8/29.  The U6-U8 Coaches Clinic will run from 7-8pm.  The U9-U14 Coaches Clinic will run from 8-9pm.  Both are located at the SYSA Indoor Sports Center – 730 N Hamilton St, Spokane, WA 99202.

Season Overview:
The rec season consists of 7 games in the fall beginning Sep 7th, and an additional 5 games in the spring.  Your team now will be your team for the full year, not just fall season.  You may receive additional participants on your roster until your roster is full.  Our goal is to get as many kids playing soccer as possible.  Even if a parent registers their kid late, if we can get them on a team reasonably close to where they live, we’ll do it.  Registrants are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

Our mission at SYSA is to provide sports activities for youth where everyone plays, develops skills, is taught good sportsmanship and learns the value of being a team player.

Expectations of Coaches:

  • Coaches will be present at every practice and game.  If you can’t make one, please recruit another volunteer to coach in your place.  Please have that volunteer register with SYSA though for insurance and safety reasons!
  • Beyond just being volunteers, coaches are SYSA’s representatives on the field.  It’s a big responsibility and thank you for taking it on!  Please make sure to be a role model by being respectful to other coaches, participants, parents and referees.
  • Coaches will disseminate information to their teams.  We have nearly 3000 kids registered into this specific league so far, which is too many for our soccer staff to contact individually.  Please be our phone tree!  If you have not contacted the players on your roster, please do so now to let them know they’re on your team.  Please help communicate to them!
  • Coaches will make sure each player receives at least 50% playing time, no matter their skill level.  Rec soccer is for everyone.
  • Coaches will read through the league rules before taking the field.

Gonzaga Half-Time Shows:
Gonzaga Men’s and Women’s Soccer has invited SYSA back to play games during the half-time of their home games.  Keep an eye out for teams displaying exemplary sportsmanship.  I will ask for nominations throughout the season, and those teams with the best sportsmanship will get to do the half-time shows.

Concussion Compliance:
We take concussion compliance seriously at SYSA.  If one of your players receives a blow to their head, that player will need to sit out from competition (practice or game) until they are checked out by a doctor.  It is much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to head injuries.  Please instruct the parents of the player to see a doctor as soon as possible and obtain a doctor’s note for SYSA if the player is okay to play.  Then, please report the head injury to chrissy@sysa.com, and SYSA will follow up with the parents of the player to get that doctor’s note.  We will notify you when that player is cleared for competition.  Do not let that player take the field until you hear from us that it’s safe.

Thank you for volunteering to coach!  None of this would be possible without you.



Chrissy Wohl
SYSA Sports Coordinator