SYSA Staff

 Phil, SYSA Executive Director

Philip J. Helean

Executive Director
(509) 536-1800 ext. 101

Phil is the leader of the SYSA pack.

He keeps us true to our mission with his contagious kindness and helpfulness.
Phil leads by example.





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Glen Reser

Sports Coordinator
(509) 536-1800

Glen has tremendous passion for sports and kids.

He has a lot of knowledge of all sports, if you have a question that’s not about an individual running sport and it’s not soccer, he’s your man.



Christina, Soccer Coordinator 

Christina Harris

Soccer Coordinator
(509) 536-1800 ext. 103

Christina is the ever calm and level front line for our soccer programs.

She has a lot of knowledge of all of our sports and systems which makes her a valuable “go-to” person.


Caity Harper, Sports Coordinator 

Caity Harper

Sports Coordinator
Track & Field | CrossCountry | Speed & Agility| Fit Kids
(509) 536-1800 ext. 104

Caity is a charismatic advocate for youth sports and all things pink.

She’s absolutely awesome with kids, making her a trustworthy catch-all coordinator for a variety of SYSA programs and events.


Renee Solt, Front Desk


Renee Solt

Front Desk
(509) 536-1800 ext. 100

Renee is SYSA’s front woman.

She handles all things with poise and style. She’s fun and gets the job done!



Tami, Bookkeeper 

Tami Newcomb


Tami is our full charge bookkeeper.

She keeps us in business.
Additionally, she handles payroll and is therefore our  favorite.




Jeff Barlow

Bingo Hall Manager

Jeff runs everything bingo for SYSA. 

The bingo hall is SYSA’s number 1 financial donor. In other words, without much recognition or praise Jeff is SYSA’s top contributor. He also enjoys pina coladas and walks in the rain.


Soccer Sandy 



Soccer Sandy

Soccer Assistant and Volunteer Recruiter     Seasonal

Sandy is our loving seasonal soccer support staff.

She specializes in recruiting volunteer soccer coaches with blunt and candid persistence.  If you’re an SYSA parent and you haven’t talked to Sandy on the phone yet, it’s only a matter of time.