Sports Committees

The SYSA sport committees oversee the way in which SYSA conducts its sports programs. Most sports have a working committee that meets once a month to discuss items specific to that sport. The committees work in an advisory role to the program staff. The committee members are the eyes and ears of our sport seasons and SYSA values their input and ideas. If you are interested in becoming a committee member, e-mail the Sport Coordinator of that sport for further information.



Meets 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm

LeRoy Woodrich – Staff
Bobb Strahl – Chair
Dave Compton
Kyle Briscoe
Dave Mariscal
Steve Nunley
Bob Seamons
Baseball Division Commissioners



Meets as needed.

LeRoy Woodrich – Staff
Mark Kamitomo
Steve Watterson



Meets as needed.

LeRoy Woodrich, Staff
Brian Frahm, Vice President
Andee Atwood
Dino Chamberlain
Culley Paris


Meets as needed.

Rick Mullins, Staff
Christina Harris, Staff
Chad Carlsen
Scott Frazier
Stacey Lewis
Jami Marsh
Kurt Wagner
Nikole Schafer



Meets as needed.

LeRoy Woodrich – Staff


Track & Field and Cross Country

to be updated