Soccer Schedules

Below are the game schedules for the 2016 Summer Rec Soccer

When you click on your division you will go to our online scheduler. From there you can select your individual team to see just your team’s game schedule opposed to the whole division’s.  Once you’ve selected your team there is a print button in the top right corner of the page.  This will give you an easy to read, printable schedule for your son or daughter’s team.


Mead/North/South – Christina Harris – or 509-536-1800 (will receive Monday mornings)
Deer Park/Riverside – Jami Marsh – 998-7313



Fall 2016-2017 Fall Rec League

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Schedules are FINAL

You will look at schedules based on your child’s birth year, 3 digit code and Coach’s Last name. If you do not know what this, please ask your coach. Also, schedules show in Team Bonzi!

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